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Past Alumni Chapter Events 

Presented here are select highlights from our previous events that we are eager to share. This serves as a glimpse into the activities and initiatives we've been engaged in recently.

Northern California District Conference
California State University Sacramento

Zeta Beta Lambda Alumni Chapter of Sacramento has been officially awarded the Northern California District Alumni Chapter of the Year and will compete with other Alumni chapters in the Western Region. A successful District Conference and ZBL is proud to be the host chapter. 


NorCal District Kickback - Pre District Conference Social


The Pre-District Conference Social is hosted by ZBL (Sac Alphas). This social event not only serves as a precursor to the upcoming Northern California District Conference but also as a platform for members to relax and unwind before the more formal proceedings. By fostering a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, the Pre-District Conference Social aims to set a positive and collaborative tone for the entire conference, creating a foundation for successful collaboration and shared achievements within the brotherhood.



One Nine Event flyer.PNG

The Fourth Annual ONE NINE International Day of Reactivation. The featured programming has been pre-recorded. In addition, some chapters and districts are offering in-person events that give Alpha Brothers a chance to relax and fellowship together at a nearby location. (Check with your area leadership for more information). As part of the program, each of our Regional Vice Presidents offers a short message below, while our special guest speaker, General President Dr. Willis L. Lonzer, III, also offers the featured address to the Brotherhood along with a Q&A.

Hosted by Sac Alphas 
Fixins Soul Kitchen, 3428 3rd Ave, Sacramento,

117 Annual Alpha Phi Alpha Founders Day Celebration ZBL 69th Chapter Anniversary Event

The Zeta Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is gearing up for its 117th Founders' Day celebration with a theme of "SCHOOL DAZE." This event promises an evening of sophistication, celebration, and brotherhood, encouraging attendees to don their flyest sneakers in a nod to last year's Ice Cold Sneaker Ball. The atmosphere is described as nostalgic, stylish, and infused with old-school cool, creating a space where unity and camaraderie resonate through every step on the dance floor. Get ready to be transported into a realm of vibrant energy and a celebration of the fraternity's enduring spirit.

FoundersAnniv2 (1).webp
ZBL probate.jpg

"The 5 Beacon's of Prosperity"

Gavin Lippman
Marqual Devon Mitchell
Dr. Jerold Dooley
George Harris
Matthew Lynch

A captivating probate show as we introduce five remarkable men who have successfully crossed the burning sands into Alpha. We witnessed the embodiment of dedication, resilience, and the true spirit of brotherhood.

ZBL Probate paddles.jpg
25 50 75 Brother Keepers.png

A Brothers Keeper Event

25 50 75 Year Brothers Celebration

We were delighted and honored that our brothers reached the significant milestones of 25, 50, and 75 years of Alpha Membership, alongside our Brothers Keeper Program. During the ceremony, we proudly awarded them certificates and pins, recognizing their significant contributions. We take pride in the robust leadership they provide, and we remain committed to celebrating the achievements of our esteemed senior brothers.

25 50 75 Brothers.jpg

Consumnes River College, in Sacramento - Saturday, July 15, 2023

Brothers Keeper Brunch

The Brothers of ZBL joyously celebrated another memorable event with our esteemed senior members. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and laughter as we reflected on shared experiences and cherished memories. The event imparted wisdom and camaraderie, creating a bond that transcends generations. It was another day of celebration, unity, and the enduring spirit of brotherhood. Here's to many more moments of togetherness with our senior brothers and our Brothers Keeper Programs and events. 

2023 Brothers Keeper Brunch.jpg

ZBL Past Presidents

2023 Brothers Keeper Brunch_ZBL Presidents.jpg

left to right: Virgil A. Torrence, Heman Smith, John Taylor, Arunious Gay, and Antonio D. Johnson

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